Building Community is about building quality relationships, focusing on equity for under-resourced neighborhoods, and ensuring that all voices are being heard and acknowledged.  


  • Workforce Development

    • Help develop a pipeline of local businesses, who work to hire from their own neighborhood

    • Promote entrepreneurship as a way to create generational wealth in districts with higher rates of poverty

    • Work with local unions to ensure we improve access to job pipelines, better benefits, and greater protection for all New Yorkers

  • Transportation

    • Create a more connected Bronx via bus investments

    • Speed up the expansion of the Fair Fares Program so that all eligible District’s residents will have access to half fare on subways and buses

    • Demand that there are more protective bike lanes throughout the Bronx 

  • Environmental Justice

    • Advocate for the completion of the Renewable Rikers plan

    • Support green space initiatives that reduce the disparity in accessibility to green spaces across our city

    • End the delay of funding for The Haven Project

    • Support the Five Borough Resiliency Bill to ensure all NYC neighborhoods have a plan to prevent and respond to potential flooding predicted by climate change studies