The Bronx holds the title for the unhealthiest community in the country. We will demand new investments in the Bronx, and other impacted communities, that address our needs for health and safety on all levels.

  • Healthcare

    • Protect public hospital funding

    • Support legislation to institute minimum nurse-to-patient staffing ratios in healthcare institutions

  • Mental Health

    • Increase funding for crisis services for New Yorkers of all ages

    • Create a separate emergency hotline for individuals facing mental health crises managed by mental health professionals

  • Nutrition

    • Increase funding to the Health Bucks program, as well as expand the pool of individuals eligible to receive them and the locations where they are accepted

    • Encourage the development of additional grocery stores in our city’s food deserts

    • Support tax incentives for food vendors to provide healthier options

    • Demand that all schools provide plant based options for students.

  • Support for an aging population

    • Support programs and policies that bring all generations of our district together, with an emphasis on elevating the contributions and needs of our eldest  - and all too invisible - New Yorkers.

    • Support the development of Age Friendly Communities that help older New Yorkers age in place with dignity