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Althea Stevens is running for NYC Council District 16 in the South Bronx which encompasses the communities of Claremont, Concourse, Concourse Village, Highbridge, Morris Heights, Mount Eden, Morrisania. This seat is currently held by Vanessa Gibson (who is running for Bronx BP). PoliticsNY asked Stevens three questions in three minutes as part of our meet the candidate series on the road to the June 22 citywide primaries.



Political leaders and community members in the Bronx marked Earth Day on April 22 with a cleanup of some of the borough’s streets. Assemblymember Chantel Jackson, representing New York’s 79th District, organized the event with the help of the New York City Department of Sanitation, which provided shovels, trash pickers, and bags.

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As New York City prepares for one of its largest election cycles in recent memory, there is one city council race that will directly impact the west Bronx’s District 16, which encompasses the neighborhoods of  Claremont Village, Concourse, Concourse Village, Crotona Park, Highbridge, Longwood, Melrose, Morris Heights, Morrisania, Mount Eden and University Heights. 

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Today, The Collective PAC, the nation’s largest political action committee dedicated to increasing Black political engagement, representation and power across all levels of government, endorsed Pierina Sanchez and Althea Stevens for election to the New York City Council. Founders of The Collective PAC, Quentin James and Stefanie Brown James, released the following statement: “The Collective PAC is proud to endorse Pierina Sanchez and Althea Stevens in their bids for the New York City Council. City councilors are uniquely positioned to directly address their communities’ day to day challenges, which have been laid bare and exacerbated by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic..."

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The 504 Democratic Club (504) is one of three, city-wide clubs, and the nation’s first and largest to advocate for the civil rights of people with disabilities. On Monday, March 29, club representatives said its membership intends to endorse candidates in as many 2021 New York City political races as is practicable, and proceeded to announce the club’s first slate of endorsements for a number of races across the city.



In the run-up to the June primary, the Bronx Democratic Party is backing more women candidates for the New York City Council than ever before, which could tip the scales for the first time toward a female majority of local Bronx legislators.The shift reflects the changing face of politics, which throughout more recent years has seen more women run for office.



New York City Council Member Carlina Rivera, a leading contender to be the next Council speaker, is endorsing a slate of 13 women running for City Council this year.Most of the endorsed candidates are women of color, and Rivera, who is Latina and from Manhattan, said the list “represents the diversity of representation we need in the Council – especially with the diminishing number of women over the last few terms, which is alarming.”

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Wednesday evening the UFT decided on their next round of City Council candidate endorsements for 2021. The UFT stated that all of these candidates demonstrated that they will be the best representatives for their districts, and pledge to support their local school communities and prioritize the needs of our union.



The Jim Owles Liberal Democratic Club, a citywide LGBTQ political club, rolled out a batch of endorsements for city races slated for later this year — and all of the candidates support comprehensive sex work decriminalization.

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LittleAfrica BronxNews - District 16 Candidate Forum


LittleAfrica BronxNews hosted the first District 16 City Council Candidate Forum featuring Althea Stevens. Candidates discussed education and their visions for COVID-19 recovery in the Bronx.

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With 31 members facing term-limits and with special elections slated to fill five recent vacancies, it is set to be a transformative year for the New York City Council. City politics have undergone a dynamic shift since the last class of Council members was seated after the 2017 municipal election, and activists and organized labor are hoping to take advantage of that fact in announcing their support for a new crop of Council contenders.

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The endorsements continue to pile up for Althea Stevens running in District 16 and Kevin Riley running in District 12.The Labor Strong 2021 Coalition has announced their endorsements for Bronx candidates running for City Council. Labor Strong 2021 consists of five New York City unions: SEIU 32BJ, CWA District 1, DC 37, Hotel Trades Council, and New York State Nurses Association.

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Althea Stevens is a candidate for District 16 (Claremont, Concourse, Concourse Village, Highbridge, Morris Heights, Mount Eden, Morrisania) of the New York City Council. We talked about: H.E.R., empowering youth, and faith.

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Newly elected Assemblywoman Chantel Jackson has joined the A-Team endorsing Althea Stevens for City Council. Stevens was endorsed by Michael Blake, former Assemblyman and DNC Vice Chair a few days ago.

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List Of Leading 2021 NYC Mayoral, City Council, Boro President Candidates Based On Voter Support And Matching Funds


Now that the Presidential race is over the focus moves to local New York City politics, with the Mayoral, Borough Presidents, Comptroller, City Council and Public Advocate seats all up for grabs.

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Group pushing for

more housing backs a

slate of Council candidates


A group that supports residential development is making its entree into local politics in an effort to shift the direction of the upcoming City Council.

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Looking to 2021:

Meet our December 2020 Endorsement Class


Althea Stevens is a proud New York native and a respected community advocate for the Bronx. As a dedicated single mother, she works hard to create a sustainable future for her child and for all children and families who live in under-resourced neighborhoods.

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NY Working Families Party Endorses Four Bronx City Council Candidates, including Lora & Abreu


The New York Working Families Party (WFP) announced on Friday, Dec. 11, its endorsement of four 2021 New York City Council candidates in the Bronx including Althea Stevens for District 16.



Winter is Coming



COVID’s Winter is coming, but we’re not ready for the cold-weather challenges that lie ahead of us in our NYCHA developments. 

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Working Families Party

planning City Council



The Working Families Party also plans to support Althea Stevens, Adolfo Abreu and Mino Lora in the Bronx, Felicia Singh and Aleda Gagarin in Queens and Lincoln Restler in Brooklyn.

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Five CUNY alumna answer Shirley Chisholm's call to political leadership


Shirley Chisholm foretold that a conflagration of women activists would pursue elected office in the years following her 1972 presidential campaign. Yesterday, five women of color, all CUNY graduates, declared their intention to prove her right once again. In a forum organized by a collective of CUNY-affiliated Women’s organizations including the Brooklyn College Women’s Center,  the CUNY Women’s Centers Council and the Women’s and Gender Studies Program at Brooklyn College,  five candidates running for local office described their visions for New York City.

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Three Moms Getting it Done


This weekend, three Bronx moms will be holding an event “promoting literacy, census and voter registration.” Named “Three Moms Getting It Done,” the back-to-school event is sponsored by author Yadhira Gonzalez-Taylor Esq., Bronx Bound Books founder Latanya Devaughn and City Council District 16 Candidate Althea Stevens.

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Backyard Politics: These Candidates Want More Housing in New York’s Rich Neighborhoods


Althea Stevens, running in District 16 in The Bronx, agrees. She is running on a “housing as a human right” platform and says, if elected, would not commit to keeping up the member deference tradition.


Coalition: Investigate NYPD’s “Inherently Unreliable” Gang Database


A coalition of New York City advocates and scholars is calling on the city’s police watchdog to audit the notorious gang database that surveils thousands of New Yorkers, almost all of whom are people of color.

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NYCHA Residents Hold Press Conference To Preserve Public Housing


NYCHA Residents respond to the proposed “Blueprint for Change” at Adam Clayton Powell Jr. State Building, demanding the inclusion of residents in these plans.

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LittleAfrica Bronx News - Meet the Candidates


As part of our political coverage for the upcoming 2021 Citywide Elections, LittleAfrica BronxNews has launched our Meet The Candidate video interview series.

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More than 50 demonstrators peacefully march for change along the Grand Concourse


New York City has seen a week full of protests, with thousands hitting the streets in honor of George Floyd. Demonstrators in the Bronx Thursday marched for change at Joyce Kilmer Park. More than 50 demonstrators marched along the Grand Concourse with one goal in mind, to speak for their community.

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NYCHA in the Time of COVID-19

and Beyond


In late April, Mayor de Blasio announced a plan to deepen the city's response to COVID-19 at NYCHA public housing. 

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Bronx Students Without  Proper Equipment for Remote Learning


Community leaders and educators advocate for students without access to tech and internet access in the South Bronx.


Coronavirus Crisis Worsens Challenges Faced by Women and Reaffirms Need to Elect More Women to Office


The coronavirus pandemic amplifies many of society's systemic gender inequalities, magnified by race, class, and immigration status. Women, who have continued to carry the burdens of “women’s work” into the 21st century, are disproportionately impacted by this crisis, and women of color in New York City will fare the worst. 

Town Stages Announces 2020

Fellows and Residents


Town Stages has announced the recipients of the third annual Sokoloff Creative Arts Fellowship and its inaugural Residency Program. The fellows will receive approximately 400 hours of available weekly workspace in Town’s venue to work, rehearse, write, meet, organize, connect, and collaborate. With support and guidance from Town’s leadership and board, the cohort will work in community for a full year.


Damning Report On NYPD Gang Database Increases Calls To End 'A Tool Of Mass Criminalization'


Attorneys and advocates for criminal justice reform who have long questioned the validity of the NYPD’s gang database are now calling for the police department to abolish it altogether.


Advocates Demand NYPD Erase

Its Gang Database


Lewis and dozens of protestors rallied on the steps of City Hall Thursday to demand the NYPD destroy the gang database they say unfairly ensnares people of color in the criminal justice system.