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Althea Stevens is a proud New York native and a respected community advocate for the Bronx.  As a dedicated single mother, she works hard to create a sustainable future for her child and for all children and families who live in under-resourced neighborhoods.

Althea began her career in civic service more than 15 years ago working for non-profit agencies and community centers that focused on giving a voice to the most vulnerable populations. She organized voting rights information sessions, led strategy workshops to address gang policing and created annual youth forums and community celebrations to bridge relationships between residents and neighborhood partners. Each step of the way, Althea’s natural leadership and organizing skills were honed while advocating for families, seniors, young adults and students on important issues, while identifying and allocating much needed resources to neighborhoods of the South Bronx. 


Her dedication and passion to serve others has earned Althea seats on a number of Advisory Committees, including the New York City Mayor’s Office of Community Affairs, New York City Housing Authority Tenants Association, the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund (LDF) Inc. and numerous government agencies. In 2019, she was also honored by Council member Ayala Women History Month Honoree for her exemplary community work. Althea will continue her life’s work - of motivating and inspiring, leading with passion and advocating for the community - as a member of the City Council representing the great residents of City Council District 16.  


A true community leader, Althea sprang into action when the COVID-19 pandemic hit New York City, heavily impacting already vulnerable neighborhoods. She collaborated to organize food and PPE distributions, and has connected residents to other much-needed resources. As our city recovers, she looks forward to helping create a plan for sustainable recovery for NYC.